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Jornaya’s Publisher Partner Program Grows to Over 1,000 Organizations

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., Aug. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Jornaya, a leading data-as-a-service company with a proprietary view of more than 350 million consumer purchase journeys every month, announced that its Publisher Partner Program (PPP) has grown to include over 1,000 Publishers, Performance Marketing Companies, and Lead Sellers. The program is designed to help performance marketers grow their business and increase compliance protection. Organizations in the program receive the following benefits: 

  • Compliance & Privacy Protection: Access to the industry’s leading compliance suite, Jornaya’s Privacy Guardian, for direct protection against TCPA, CCPA, and future state and federal regulations. 
  • Increased Value of 1st-Party Data: Ability to increase the lifetime value of 1st-party data assets through the use of Jornaya’s Activate, which provides unique insight into the consumer’s buying journey, enabling right-timed and personalized marketing that drives revenue.
  • Networking & Promotion: Inclusion in the only dedicated industry directory serving this ecosystem, V!A by Jornaya.
  • Transparency & New Buyers: Ability to generate a unique identifier called a LeadiD, which enables transparency into the origin and history of a lead, and unlocks access to new lead buyers. 
  • Exclusive Industry Trends: Access to exclusive industry-wide insights and trends in The Pulse for Publishers.

“We’re pleased that so many Publishers have recognized the value of our Publisher Partner Program as a way to both grow their business and protect against compliance risks,” said Ross Shanken, CEO & Founder of Jornaya. “Our data network allows us to provide unique and scarcely available insights to marketers while firmly protecting consumer privacy. The growth of our network has given us the most complete view of the consumer journey of any company, resulting in increased value for all our customers and partners who benefit from these network effects.”

Mike Rowell, CEO & co-founder of AssuranceIQ, recently acquired by Prudential, added: “Jornaya’s Publisher Partner Program is driving revenue growth, enabling right-timed and personalized consumer interactions that lead to better customer experiences and closed sales. Perhaps most importantly, this program provides a critical layer of compliance protection for us and the industry as a whole.”

Jornaya’s Publisher Partner Program is growing quickly as performance markers recognize the wide range of benefits that the program offers to support their business growth. To join the program, visit