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Women in Tech Comes to Jornaya

This week, Jornaya had the privilege of hosting the Bucks County Women in Technology Meetup group at our office in Ambler. Bucks County Women in Tech was formed a year ago with a vision to create a network of empowered women who feel supported in their pursuit of successful careers in technology. The group includes women working with technology in various fields and roles beyond software development, including product managers, marketers, lawyers, support specialists and even several men who are interested in supporting the women they work with every day.

The event, held this past Monday night, featured Jornaya Sr. Product Manager Laura Owusa-Antwi discussing “Humanizing Product Management.” Laura’s tech talk broke down who a product manager is and what they do using the Jobs To Be Done framework. Laura explained how to look at the needs of customers to really understand what they are hiring products to do for them in order to solve business problems.

Women from all over the greater Philadelphia area were in attendance and learned how they could also incorporate business-scale problem-solving frameworks in their every day lives.