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The Orange Kicks Story

In 2012, LeadiD's core product and platform had succeeded in accomplishing a major milestone: Delivering a unique product to the market that improved lead performance with hundreds of firms adopting the technology.

The lead gen industry had been fraught with problems when buyers and sellers started to exchange leads without any central record of the activity. Without third-party certification, and no industry standards, some lead generators and aggregators were driven more by the incremental monetization opportunity than by win-win-win relationships where lead generators, lead buyers and consumers all benefited.

LeadiD solved for that problem. With the help from others in the industry, LeadiD (now Jornaya) wanted to mark the changes in the lead generation space and started the #OrangeKicks Revolution. 

The Start of the Movement 

We offered a pair of orange footwear to executives at advertiser clients, adopted publishers, technology platform partners, and marketplace partners at the industry conference LeadsCon. Hundreds of recognizable industry executives wore orange footwear, ranging from sneakers to dress shoes, and sandals to loafers.

Individuals Tweeted pictures of themselves wearing orange kicks on early morning runs through the city, visiting Time Square, lounging with colleagues, or posing on the exhibition floor. Throughout the two-day event there was a buzz. An undercurrent of questions and intrigued attendees. Why are people wearing orange shoes. Where do I get a pair? What's the point of the shoes? 

LeadiD Founder Ross Shanken announced to the conference audience during the first session of the first day that to wear orange shoes is to join the LeadiD Movement: A movement towards trust and transparency. We weren't just talking about, but taking action. Using technology to prove transparency. On stage were several industry veterans wearing orange shoes in a show of support. The Orange Kick Movement had formally begun. 

For the next two LeadsCon conferences in Las Vegas and New York, the Orange Kick Movement continued with increased adoption and industry buzz. LeadiD spearheaded the industry’s first charity event collected new and used footwear for those in need partnering with Soles for Souls and donating over a thousand pair of shoes from the industry. 

Nearly two years from its origination, clients and partners continue to wear orange footwear to work and to industry events. 

Why Orange Footwear?

It's hard to achieve truly successful co-marketing campaigns at industry conferences that drive appropriate traffic to specific booths and sessions resulting in a long qualified list of business opportunities. It's even harder still to have a client or partner actually wear a logo or branded article onsite other than their own brand. 

But offering to put a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes on the feet of constituents is elegantly easy. Or at least, easier. The LeadiD seal is comprised of orange, and further it is a distinguishable color and a clear departure from the more traditional conference footwear of brown and black dress shoes, white sneakers or women’s heels and flats of nearly any color. But hardly ever orange. 

Orange Kicks are recognizable, creative, fun, and stylish. Wearers picked their own pair, brand, and design. One attendee's Converse is another's Adidas cross trainer or classic Puma flat.

Orange Kicks were, by extension, LeadiD Culture. In an industry in need of trust, transparency, collaboration, and innovation. To wear Orange Kicks was to be autonomous and to be courageous. It is to be biased towards action.

Orange Kicks Evolution

Today, Orange Kicks remain a calling card of the team. LeadiDers, now called Jornayans, are seen wearing them in the office and on the road in client meetings and new pitches. We see ourselves as evangelists of this movement. A movement not about Jornaya or LeadiD, but about a network of firms, or people and of data that operate at scale, successfully, safely, with trust and transparency built into the transaction.

Orange Kicks are a symbol, visual and communal in that wherever you go you know you can always find a constituent wearing a pair supporting the same cause. The same mission. 

Orange Kicks 2021

We now offer products for both lead gen and brands. We're committed to helping marketers create exception experiences 

Based on our network of 400M+ consumer shopping events we witness every month,
we're able to provide a better understanding of the shifts and trends in consumer behavior. Marketers can make data-driven, strategic decisions for their businesses and send the right message at the right time to the right person.

Today, wearing #OrangeKicks means you’re committed to:


  • Creating exceptional experiences
  • Enabling relevant & timely interactions
  • Honoring consumer privacy


About the Author

Posted by Jornaya: “Winning teams are those that care deeply about one another.” - This is a message our CEO & Founder Ross Shanken reinforces as he shares lessons from one of his favorite books, "The Boys in the Boat." It's a sentiment we take to heart at #Jornaya as we embrace #OneJornaya.