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Sensitive Personal Information Announcement

Verisk Marketing Solutions continually monitors the regulatory environment, including the comprehensive state privacy laws recently passed in, CO, CT, VA, UT as well as the CPRA in CA. Just as we were ready for adherence to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), our Legal, Compliance and Data Governance teams are diligently working to ensure we comply with all new applicable laws and regulations by the effective dates. 

Both Infutor and Jornaya have a long history of respecting the privacy of every individual about whom we either process information or maintain information in our data products. Our privacy-by-design approach to product development and our comprehensive CCPA adherence programs put us in a good position to comply with new requirements as they emerge.  

The Verisk Marketing Solutions team (Jornaya and Infutor) has worked, and continues to work, closely with our internal compliance and privacy experts, our Government Affairs team and outside privacy counsel to establish our approach. As needed, we will adapt our existing practices (designed for CCPA adherence) to meet all applicable laws and requirements In preparation for 2023 State Privacy adherence requirements, we are taking the following steps. 

  • Adjustments to data fields that may contain Sensitive Personal Information based upon the State Law definitions. 
  • Website and procedural updates to receive and respond to consumer privacy choices.  
  • The release of updated privacy policies. 
  • Integrating revised data privacy and security language into our agreements. 

For more information, please review our Privacy Policies. 

Jornaya Privacy Policy 

Infutor Privacy Policy