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Preview of Journey 2016: A Q & A with Jornaya Founder and CEO Ross Shanken

With Journey 2016, Jornaya’s client summit, fast approaching, I thought I’d sit down with our Founder and CEO Ross Shanken to get a little insight into what attendees can expect.

Q1. The upcoming Jornaya summit is called “Journey 2016” and the Jornaya website homepage says “the journey matters”—why does the journey matter?

The journey matters because it matters to consumers. Consumers today research, explore and shop online, often for days or weeks before making a purchase. As marketers, we need to help provide consumers the right information, at the right time, in order to help them buy intelligently. If we’re not paying attention to where the consumer is in her journey, and what she needs to progress at that time, we’re not providing help and value to the consumer.

Q2. What can attendees expect to learn at Journey 2016 on October 25-26?

The agenda and attendee list at Journey has exceeded our expectations. With over 130 confirmed attendees, we can all expect great dialogue about key marketing issues related to the consumer journey, and great networking with like-minded industry professionals. More specifically, we’ll all learn a lot about how leading companies are thinking about consumer journey insights and applying them to create optimal consumer experiences.

Q3. What are you most excited about regarding Journey 2016?

I’m most excited about spending time with so many intelligent marketers, all of whom are attending this conference in order to learn and grow as professionals (myself included!).

Q4. What can Jornaya’s clients do when armed with your data that other marketers who don’t have access to your data can’t?

Since Jornaya’s intent data and resultant analytics are unique (truly don’t exist anywhere else), our clients are able to test and grow optimal campaigns that otherwise aren’t possible. We like to say that we provide the highest resolution of consumer intent—and the data shows that it’s actually true. We love talking about it, and we’re excited to do so at Journey 2016—but if you cannot attend, we love talking about the possibilities with you anytime.

Q5. What exciting things can customers and potential customers expect to see coming from Jornaya in the coming months and in 2017?

As many now know, our data & analytics are being applied to multiple parts of the consumer journey. You can expect to see more growth in application of our data across the consumer journey, across more mobile platforms (we’re excited about our launch with Facebook lead ads and for their speaking at Journey), and more use cases as we continue to deepen our relationships with the customers and markets that we serve. We’re excited to unveil more specifics at Journey 2016, and in the conversations that follow.