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Our Four Key Takeaways from LeadsCon 2018

LeadsCon Las Vegas 2018 is a wrap! It was packed couple of days at the Paris hotel that left team Jornaya exhilarated about the direction of our industry, and our company.

We’d like to thank the LeadsCouncil, our colleagues, clients, and friends for voting Jornaya the winner for “Excellence for Compliance Services.” This LEADER Award is great recognition of TCPA Guardian’s contributions to an overarching compliance strategy, and the direct impact a solution can have on our clients marketing programs. The following are highlights from our team (of 25!) from the three days of the biggest LeadsCon Las Vegas (LCLV) yet.

Focus on Relevant Engagement

Jornaya wasn’t the only one talking about the ongoing relationship that is lead nurturing. As brands seek to better understand what content to use, to engage a unique consumer, at the right time; there is a corresponding need to base outreach strategies on the right data set. Our CEO, Ross Shanken, had a simple way to put it, “it’s not about the amount of data, it’s about the relevance of the data.” Marketers are looking for new ways to connect consumer data beyond the lead. This shift to analyzing data at the individual level to determine impact on each consumer’s path to purchase can provide actionable insights into whether that consumer is in-market, and ready to engage.

Support Trust & Compliance

A recurring theme at LCLV was understanding and addressing TCPA compliance. Lead buyers and sellers struggle with this regulation, and even though the number of complaints and litigation dipped in 2017, TCPA complaints have grown 1,276% since 2010. The interpretation of the regulation continues to evolve in terms of “what is an autodial vs manual dial,” or what constitutes “prior express written consent.” But at the end of the day, the panelists agreed that TCPA compliance comes down to being able to provide compelling proof, and in many cases, that means visual proof of the consumer interaction.

An Introduction to Individualization

The term personalization was mentioned a lot in sessions, and in the exhibit hall. It’s exactly what initial data analysis is intended to do, help marketers create segments of consumers that can be approached in the same or a similar way based on data. Marrying this concept to people-based marketing is more difficult, as you are no longer focused on broad trends, but the micro-behaviors and encounters that are unique to a individual consumer. As we continue to push the “individual consumer” focus front and center during acquisition, nurturing, growth, and retention workflows, determining which data is relevant will play a bigger role in rallying consumers, brands, and partners around a single goal — a better experience.

Build Relationships

With Jornaya’s vision to support people based marketing, we had a goal this year to meet our clients when we were most relevant! In this case, that meant Napoleon’s Lounge on Monday night for our reception. Because at 6:30, what’s more important to clients, prospects and friends than getting out of conference mode, and relaxing over cocktails and mini crab cakes? Nothing. It was a packed house, and we thank everyone who attended! This one may be a stretch as a highlight for the conference, but it was definitely a highlight for Jornaya!