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Journey Weekly, June 22-26

Jornaya commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to examine the ROI of Jornaya’s Activate solution. According to the results of the study, data and insights from Activate can significantly increase acquisition, retention, and cross-sell efforts. Companies are seeing benefits of $2.7M and a 191% ROI over 3 years. Access your copy of the study to see what Activate can do for your marketing efforts. 


Honoring Consumer Privacy is Paramount to Successful Customer Experiences: To reach these greater levels of customer experiences, companies are collecting more data than ever. Protecting and securing this data is table stakes in establishing consumer trust. 


Personalization is Critical During Times of Rapid Change: Arguably the most important factor for marketers is to ensure you have a deep understanding of your customer. This lets you develop a hyper-personalized customer journey and access to data, specifically single customer-data profiles are the key to unlocking that information.


3 in 4 Companies Bracing for Travel Budget Cuts: A Society of Insurance Research survey also found 50% of companies now prefer virtual meetings.


Mortgage Forbearances Rise After Three Weeks of Decline: 8.8% of U.S. mortgages have suspended payments, up from 8.7% last week, Black Knight says.


Why Colleges Should Turn to Companies for Inspiration: Borrowing from and aligning with the world of work offers a path to long-term sustainability for higher education.


Pre-Pandemic Auto Production to Resume by Month End: Demand for new cars has been stronger than expected after the coronavirus pandemic. That, combined with automaker shutdowns, has led to an inventory shortage on some popular models.