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Journey Weekly, December 7-11


Data Intelligence Organizations Improve Customer Experience and Revenue: When experiences are tailored to the individual consumer, delivered at the right-time, and focused on the consumer’s interests and intent, they ultimately deliver the highest returns to the marketer.


Privacy Compliance Action Items for Businesses Before EOY 2020: One week into the final month of what has been a memorable 2020, maintaining an organization’s privacy hygiene is more pressing than ever – and includes new requirements.


P&C Commercial Lines in 2021: The key question: Will insurers continue to pursue innovation in P&C commercial lines, or will they scale back and focus on optimization?


 5 Essentials for Bank & Credit Union Marketing Budgets: The combination of the pandemic’s impact on consumer behavior and the ongoing digitization of banking requires bank and credit union marketers to sharply adjust their budgets (and thinking) to reflect new realities.


 Doubts About Going to College: 43% of prospective students for one- and two-year programs are looking to delay enrollment, survey finds.


Video Wins the War for Digital Dominance: The ability to leverage video data to create a personalized viewing experience greatly increases engagement and conversion rates for all of your video content.