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Journey Weekly, December 14-18


The Customer Journey and COVID-19: How to Keep Up: Leveraging a combination of first-party, third-party and behavioral data will allow marketers to prioritize leads and personalize messaging for accurate customer experiences during a time where nothing is certain.


What Will Tech Regulation Look Like in the Biden Era? Unpack the variety of interconnected issues surrounding leading internet platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter.


COVID-19’s Impact on the Insurance Industry Will Continue Well into 2021: TransUnion identifies key insurance trends for the new year.


Global Banking Annual Review 2020: Depending on scenario, from $1.5 trillion to $4.7 trillion in cumulative revenue could be forgone between 2020 and 2024. 


Preparing U.S. Workers For The Post-COVID Economy: Make progress by doing more to support the higher education sector in skills training.


4 Tips for a Better 2021 Marketing Strategy: Consider these tips to increase the effectiveness of your 2021 marketing plan.