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Journey Weekly, August 20-27


California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Regulations Final: The regulations were approved on August 14 after non-substantive changes were made by the Attorney General. Companies can use the final regulations to assist in determining their compliance with the law.


How Performance Marketers Can Weather The Pandemic By In-Housing CX Skills, Technology: Due to the accelerated momentum of ecommerce under COVID, CX is now a mandatory core competency—one that is simply too important to outsource to external vendors.

This year alone, Jornaya has seen a 70% increase in the size and scale of our data network: Our technology now processes over 1 billion consumer interactions every quarter! A large part of this growth is attributable to the successful adoption of our Publisher Partner Program (PPP), which has grown to include over 1,000 Publishers, Performance Marketers, and Lead Sellers. Read more about this program, which is the core mechanism through which we deliver value back to our partners as our network grows.


Alcohol, Meat Loaf and Auto Insurance Comparison Shopping: Beginning in mid-March, auto insurance comparison shopping activity took off like a ‘Bat Out of Hell.’ Consumer shopping activity on comparison shopping websites increased dramatically starting in mid-March and continued at a brisk pace into May and June, according to Jornaya and Equifax.


That Big Bad Fee on Refinances Has Been Delayed! Here’s What It Means: Two weeks ago, Fannie and Freddie announced a new guaranty fee (aka “g-fee”) for virtually all refinances. Agencies have been directed to delay the implementation date. 


Not-For-Profit Higher Education Mid-Year Sector View, Fall 2020 Enrollments Will Drive Credit: According to report, colleges and universities will experience weakened enrollments this fall due to COVID-19-related social distancing measures, and as a result will probably face reduced net tuition and auxiliary revenues.


Car Dealership Test Drives Go from First to Last: The test drive once was an initial part of the conventional step-selling process at car dealerships. Now, demo drives are among the final steps. The switch-up largely came about because of digital retailing.