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Journey Weekly, August 13-20


Balancing The 3 S’s (Scale, Signal and Safety) In a New World: Safety and privacy have become driving forces in advertising. New laws, ad blocking and OS/browser changes have turned the industry upside down.


6 Personalization Tips for a Better Customer Experience: Customers expect a personalized experience when they deal with a business, and according to a report from Epsilon, 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when businesses provide a personalized experience. Personalization improves the customer’s experience, helps drive sales, and increases customer loyalty.


Five Powerful Ideas to Boost Small Commercial Insurance in 2021: In 2021, the small commercial market will remain highly volatile. We can expect carriers to be working through the impact of premium retraction from lost small businesses that have been sunk by the crises of 2020. It is unclear how quickly small business growth will begin to rebound. 


In a Super-low Rate Environment, How Can Lenders Get Purchase Loans Done Without Putting Refis On The Back Burner? Last week, the MBA reported that refinance activity rose to its highest level since May, now accounting for 65.7% of total applications—and everyone involved in the mortgage process is working hard to make sure those transactions go through. But as companies continue to compete on low rates, lenders are trying to balance maintaining a strong purchase presence with meeting client expectations in the refi market


COVID-19: Boom or Bust for For-Profits? Some for-profit colleges reported increased profitability and modest enrollment gains as the economy crashed in the second quarter, but it’s still not clear whether the current pandemic and recession will turn around the fortunes of a sector that had been struggling.


Millennials, Digital Retailing Keep Car Dealers Busy: Due to the shift in consumer behavior, digital engagement, including overall website traffic and website leads, remained relatively strong for dealers. This led to a steady increase in Google and Bing spend throughout the month of June as well, bringing us into Q3 with momentum.