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Journey Weekly, April 27-May 1


Keeping an Eye on Consumer Privacy: The consequences of not paying attention and not doing the right thing by consumers with regard to their privacy can be devastating.


3 Ways to Use Behavioral Data to Improve Consumer Experience: One possible way to move forward is to make it easier for people to buy from your company.


The Pulse of Insurance Consumer Shopping: Rapid Heartbeat Detected: To better understand the changing landscape, Jornaya is working with our Insurance carrier clients on the trends we’re seeing in advertising and shopping behavior. 


Mortgages in Forbearance do not Need to be Paid Back all at Once: Borrowers in forbearance will have to repay their missed mortgage payments, but there appears to be a growing number of borrowers who think they have to repay all their missed payments in one lump sum, either because they’re confused about their options or because that’s what their mortgage servicer told them.


How Social Listening Improves CX: A social listening strategy has benefits well beyond marketing and metrics.


Just Another Day in May: With hundreds of colleges extending their deposit deadlines due to the pandemic, May 1 means less than ever this year.