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Journey 2016 is Coming: Why You Should Attend our Summit

Did you know that:

  • 31% of mortgage prospects continue shopping after becoming a lead?
  • 24% of education leads have already visited a 3rd-party website?
  • On average, insurance shoppers visit three 3rd-party sites before buying?

The consumer’s journey matters. In fact, having a clear view of the entire decision journey is crucial to understanding how to effectively market to each consumer. This is why we selected the consumer journey as the theme of this year’s Jornaya client summit,  Journey 2016.

The Salesforce.com2016 State of Marketing Report revealed that high performing marketing teams are 8.8 times more likely than underperforming teams to have adopted a customer journey strategy and that that 88 percent of those high-performing teams believe a customer journey strategy is critical to the success of their overall marketing efforts.

Like most marketers we speak with, you’re likely longing for authoritative data that enables you to identify consumers who have true buying intent. You’re seeking a way to determine in exactly which stage they sit in their buying journeys—including the attention, interest, decision, and action stages. You want to deliver the right message at the right time for each stage of the buying journey. You want to provide helpful and timely content for each stage.

Without access to authoritative consumer journey data, you may have relied on a proxy of consumer intent. You have probably used Google Analytics or a self-determined lead score for activities occurring on your own web properties. But, that has only given you a slice of the overall consumer decision journey. It doesn’t provide you with any insights into the research activities those consumers engaged in on the websites of other brands or on third party, research websites.

Journey 2016 is your opportunity to join our team, industry marketing leaders, and fellow customers and partners for a day and a half of remarkable content, networking opportunities, and good times in Philadelphia. Journey 2016 features speakers from companies including Facebook, Quicken Loans, Media Alpha, All Web Leads, and more.

We’ll explore the innovative ways companies are leveraging consumer intent data, mitigating TCPA risk, optimizing media buying, and more. You’ll walk away from Journey 2016 with actionable insights into leveraging the consumer journey to drive more revenue and improve efficiency in 2016 and beyond.