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Data Disrupt Conference Preview

March 29 and 30 the Data Disrupt conference will take place at the Metropolitan Pavilion West in New York. If you aren’t familiar, Data Disrupt is the first conference for the financial services data analytics ecosystem. Jornaya’s own VP of Data & Analytics Strategy Lauren Dickstein will be joining a panel on Thursday morning titled “Consumer Finance: Marketing and Customer Service in the Digital Age.”  Here’s a preview with Lauren:

Q: What about Jornaya’s data do you think the financial services sector will find most useful?

Lauren: There are many companies that help enhance financial service providers with things like understanding creditworthiness or demographic data. Jornaya, on the other hand, focuses on enhancing the understanding of the shopping journey for considered purchases.

When you look at financial services, consumers typically need certain financial offerings based on specific events that take place in their lives:

  • they need a mortgage when it’s time to buy a home
  • they need auto insurance when they decide to buy a car
  • they seek a personal loan if they are remodeling
  • they seek a student loan when going back to school.

When you think about how these life events and the financial products that support those events, it’s glaringly apparent that behavioral data and consumer journey insights can serve to provide incredible value to the financial services industry.

The question financial service providers ask is “What is the best way to incorporate these act-alike attributes into my marketing and sales efforts to provide maximum value to my prospects and customers?” Jornaya understands the steps of the journey that are related to those offerings and can help those providers effectively apply these insights to their business.

Q: What should attendees know about your session: “Consumer Finance: Marketing and Customer Service in the Digital Age”?

Lauren: Most importantly, they should know that I’m going to be joined on the panel by a very impressive and experienced group of experts with a wealth of knowledge to share. There will be a broad range of experience and expertise on the panel that covers everything from credit card fraud to advanced pricing analytics to consumer journey insights.

These folks won’t just be able to speak to the trends they see in the market today, they are forward-thinking thought leaders who will also be looking at what’s coming that you need to pay attention to in analytics.