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Announcing the Launch of the Jornaya Integrations Hub

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Jornaya Integrations Hub.

The Integrations Hub gives marketers the ability to automate daily access to Jornaya’s data directly within their CRM, CDP, ESP, dialer, or any marketing execution platform desired. It is now easy to quickly activate and optimize campaigns using this data, without the need for technical resource investment.

“We’re on a mission to organize and provide access to previously inaccessible customer journey behaviors to help marketers enable smarter and safer interactions,” said Jornaya CEO Ross Shanken. “Fully realizing this vision is a function of not only having access to unique behavioral data, but making that data highly actionable for the marketer. The Integrations Hub does exactly that. Marketers using Salesforce, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Ellie Mae’s Velocify, and hundreds of other platforms can now seamlessly automate the use of Jornaya data within their existing acquisition and retention campaigns.”

The Integration Hub builds on the continued success and innovation of the Jornaya Activate platform. Activate enables marketers to consistently enrich their first-party data (existing customers and prospects) by safely connecting to the online behaviors consumers are exhibiting as they research and consider making a major-life purchase decision (taking out a loan to buy a home, purchasing an insurance policy, going back to school, buying a car or many other high investment purchases). These types of purchases typically require significant time, research and comparison shopping – often taking 6-months or longer – presenting a unique challenge for major-life purchase marketers to align their marketing message with where the consumer is in the buying process.

Since its launch in June 2018, the Activate platform has become a critical tool for dozens of leading financial institutions, insurance carriers, and online universities who are now facilitating smarter interactions across their acquisition, retention, and customer growth programs.

Jornaya customer Northcentral University drives personalized customer experience through data. With that data, they understand what their customer is truly interested in, what their in-market signals are, and how they want to be communicated with. Jason Wehner, Director of Enrollment Operations, Northcentral University said: “Jornaya’s Activate platform was an obvious choice for us – it’s the only solution available that can connect in-market behaviors to our customers and helps us understand what they are most interested in and when. The option to automatically receive and action on this data within any of our marketing systems, will allow us to quickly deploy new engagement strategies or campaigns. Speed to deployment, by integrating directly with our systems, mitigates the development hours our internal IT resources would typically experience. This means faster deployment, increased use of the data across channels, and ultimately higher customer acquisition and retention rates throughout the lifecycle.”

*This post contains a representation of The Integrations Hub interface, which is currently in development.