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The Most Interesting Man in Mortgage Discusses His Business, Fraud Prevention & Movies w/ Ike Suri, Chairman & CEO of FundingShield

Consumers often invest their life savings into the home of their dreams. But that story can go awry in a wire fraud scheme.FundingShield’s API-driven fintech services allow lenders, investors, homebuyers, and title companies to confirm wired funds are going to intended recipients and transactions are free of impact from cyber fraud, phishing, business email compromise, or title fraud. Join Jornaya Head of Consumer Finance Mike Eshelman, CMB, as he talks with the Chairman & CEO of FundingShield Ike Suri. The pair talk about everything from mitigating risk and cutting down operating costs to producing movies and why Mike dubbed Ike the most interesting man in mortgage.

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Posted by Jornaya: “Winning teams are those that care deeply about one another.” This is a message that Jornaya Founder Ross Shanken reinforced as he shared lessons from one of his favorite books, "The Boys in the Boat." It's a sentiment we take to heart as we embrace #OneJornaya.

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