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The Personal Touch

This is an excerpt from the MReport, where Jornaya Head of Consumer Finance Mike Eshelman writes about The Personal Touch: To retain leads in a marketplace made increasingly competitive by online shopping and price comparisons, lenders need to utilize what online platforms can't offer—the human element. 

As a lender, you’ve talked to a lot of people about their mortgage options over the years, and many of them probably slipped through your fingers. They may have gone with another lender, decided not to buy a house, or simply become distracted and decided refinancing wasn’t a high-enough priority for them to set aside the time. Whatever the reason, wouldn’t you like to know when they become interested in that mortgage again so you can time your outreach perfectly? You would probably like to have additional insights about:

  • which customers in your portfolio are shopping around online;
  • whether your aged leads are continuing to shop for a lender;
  • which consumers have high intent (high interest versus window shoppers) and should receive more aggressive marketing; and
  • which consumers aren’t ready to buy and are an inefficient use of marketing dollars and time.

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